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Professional Athlete - Rugby Union 

"The last few years I have been on a journey of self discovery that definitely aligns with the NKDU message. At first my intention for change was to be a better father but along the way I realised it was about being good in myself first and growing into the right person to be the best I could be for the benefit of my kids and those around me".

Joseph Paulo

Professional Athlete - Rugby League

"Excited to be a part of the NKDU Apparel team... it's always great to be a part of something that is more than a brand and label. NKDU Apparel has a passion for encouraging people to strip away the limiting beliefs, self doubt and negative thoughts to be brave, be vulnerable and have the courage to be the NKDU".


Anthony Tupou

Former Professional Athlete - Rugby League

"Although confronting, something I learnt was that we too often cover up in defence against our fears and things we are uncertain about. We have been told how things should be done and who we need to be but for me NKDU means being free to be my TRUE self, to take away the defences I created and have the courage to take on the challenges that are definitely on their way".


Jake Collins-Doherty

Professional Athlete - Boxing

"I feel NKDU is more than just a brand or a logo, it’s a way of life! NKDU not only refines you back to your true self and encourages you to express yourself but it also gives you the support to help build your self-confidence and follow your dreams. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or aspiring academic, NKDU puts everyone on an even playing field to help you express yourself and achieve your goals as a collective and an individual"


Corban Baxter

Professional Athlete - Rugby League

"It's hard to see people let the fear of the unknown hold them back from reaching their potential. Fear is a life killer and as a mother, daughter, partner, friend, coach - my goal is to help people push past these barriers and back themselves to be their best self. To be your NKDU is to be your best self and not letting the external world influence your thoughts and actions in a negative way - which aligns perfectly with my views on life. I believe in what this brand represents and am excited to be a part of the NKDU Apparel team."


Folau Fainga'a

Professional Athlete - Rugby Union

"Last year I was laying cables between concrete slabs. I couldn't imagine myself in a spot like this now... I questioned myself a lot last year and was asking myself if I was doing the small things right outside of rugby and making the right personal choices. I got pretty heavy so I cleaned up my diet and cut back the fast food and alcohol and just started putting my head towards what I really wanted to do with my rugby. Now I'm here I just want to make the most of it".


Sione Katoa

Professional Athlete - Rugby League

"Born in New Zealand, Sione moved to Australia while in high school after being signed by the Sydney Roosters before moving to the Penrith Panthers. He moved away from home to pursue a passion and dream to play in the NRL but with the purpose of being able to represent and support his family. A true family man who is proud of his culture and is committed to being his best on and off the field".

Voli K

Professional Musician/ Singer

"When you find the real you, you'll find your real break. I'm always excited to share my story in the hopes that someone can be liberated from their shackles of insecurities and loss of identity".


NKDU Apparel would like to thank all of our amazing ambassadors for sharing their stories of passion and purpose. Through your courage you are helping others to do the same.