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NKDU (Naked You) - 'Designed for Passion and Purpose'.


A small business based in Newcastle AU, using apparel to share positivity, awareness and education about embracing the best versions of ourselves. 


Pursuing our dreams and aspirations often involves experiences

of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. In these moments, our greatest power is in our choices and the responsibility to ourselves is in our actions. We can choose to: 

1. Avoid these experiences by protecting ourselves from our fears and insecurities. 



2. Have the courage to step into our vulnerabilities, unmask our potential and strip away the factors that hold us back from being  the best versions of ourselves. 

Being the NKDU requires an understanding that the things around us can influence our decisions and actions, but it is ultimately our internal world of self-belief, self-worth, self-perception and self-management that dictates our mindset and behaviour. When we take control of this, we can be intentional in how we pursue our happiness and fulfillment in life.